Soy Jit García

Woman. Panamanian. Spanglish Speaker.

Also, PR & Marketing person trained in journalism, health coaching, and yoga.

Here you'll find me promoting the cause of being well, reminding you to prioritize self-care, rooting for you to become your #1 fan vs. your #1 critic, and normalizing humanity & imperfection through self-compassion.

I write about most things wellness. And specialize in spotting PR-able angles and "About Me" copy makeovers.

Well-being Writer for Women's & Lifestyle Publications

Hola Editorx 👋🏻✨ If you're looking for a wellness generalist who focuses on self-care and issues impacting women:
you found one.

Freelance Writing & Journalism in English and Spanish

I write (and speak) about most things wellness through the lens of self-care, and all that feeds the soul.
Some topics I cover ft. women's health, being well at work, travel and retreats, yoga (for beginners and for stress management) and of course, food: for the pure enjoyment of, for the nutrition *facts*, and for its impact on well-being.