¡Hola! Soy Jit.

Woman. Panamanian. Spanglish Speaker.

Also, PR & Marketing person trained in journalism (LSJ), health coaching (IIN), and yoga (YTT 200hrs).

You’ll find me promoting the cause of being well, reminding you to prioritize self-care (and yourself), and rooting for you to become
⭐ your #1 fan vs. your #1 critic ⭐

I write about most things wellness through the lens of self-care and all that feeds the soul. And when working with Health Coaches, I specialize in spotting PR-able angles and “About Me” copy makeovers.

And if you’re interested in the academics: I earned a B.S. in International Affairs & Multinational Business, a M.Sc. in Marketing, and a PG Dip. in Journalism (2020-2022).

Plus, I’ve been working in PR & Marketing for the past 15 years – 10 of those, at phenomenal (I know, bias alert 💘), global lifestyle brands.

For a peek at my Health Coaching & Wellness Training, head over to LinkedIn📍
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PR Pro
Copy Editor
Health Coach
Wellness Writer
Yoga Student & Teacher

Some of my soul-nourishing faves:

  • COFFEE 98
  • NATURE96
  • YOGA93
  • TRAVEL 90

16 Fun Facts About Me

Some random, some relevant.
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